The purchase of rail passenger rolling stock to operate the regional connection
on the line of Warsaw Commuter Rail in the Warsaw Metropolitan Area
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7.3 mln PLN of the state subsidy in 2010 for the purchase of modern trains for WCR

The agreement on state subsidy for the project of purchasing 14 pcs. of new electric traction units for Warsaw Commuter Rail was signed.

The agreement was signed on 10 November, 2010. by Jacek Kozłowski, Mazovia Voivode and Adama Struzika, Marshall of Mazovian Voivodeship. It provides state funding for the purchase of modern trains for Warsaw Commuter Rail. They will replace all currently used traction units of series EN94 of 1972. According to government resolution passenger carriages will be subsidized for six consecutive years – to 2015. The means come from targeted subsidy of the state budget and are for the purchase and modernization of rail vehicle in the country.

The total value of the purchase of 14 trains is almost 282 mln PLN. The first vehicles produced by Bydgoszcz „PESA” will appear on tracks in the 4th quarter of the next year, remaining ones before the end of 2012. the Company WCR applied for including the investment into the list of key projects of ROP of Mazovia Voivodeship. Remain means will come from the Rail Fund and outside funding resources (between others from EIB credit). New trains will run on routes of Warszawa Śródmieście WKD – Grodzisk Mazowiecki Radońska and Podkowa Leśna Główna – Milanówek Grudów. They will definitely improve the comfort and safety of passengers including those on wheelchairs, or with baby prams or bikes. On board of trains automatic ticket machines and ticket–punchers will be installed .

- Apart from building motorways the government does not forget the rail carriages which are for many everyday commuting means of transport to work. Their speed, accessibility and comfort are of great importance for the region development – said Jacek Kozłowski, Mazovia Voivode.

- Investment in rolling stock is essential. Year by year more and more passengers use rail transport which is more modern, more comfortable and is an alternative to overcrowded roads. Gathering means for the purchase of 14 trains for WCR is a good piece of news for passengers who every day make use of our services  – stressed the Marshal, Adam Struzik.

- The purchase of new rolling stock and change of voltage of traction network are two basic conditions to improve WCR carriage capacity. The first condition is just under execution – added Grzegorz Dymecki, WCR President.